paintings by William Fahey


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A woman in a rippling stream with a red carp, from Jan Vermeer's Girl with a Red Hat. The monolithic head of the Unborn Buddha in water with rocks and a waterfall behind. Bacchus as a bull with four green snakes around its horns and a twilight sky. The feathered serpent Mayan god Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan at the Nunnery at Uxmal. A bear skull in a pine tree at sunrise, a frozen lake with reindeer, from the rituals of the circumpolar bear cult. Lord of Light, a Tang dynasty Buddha haloed by a solar eclipse. A Halloween tree with jack-o'-lanterns and a full moon. An orange-robed Buddhist monk in a garden with a pink dawn sky. The Prophet Muhammad's vision of many faces of the Angel Gabriel spread across the sky. A crow standing before a red ochre rock painting of a Chinese sun symbol from the Neolithic. A mother with a swan's head breast-feeding in reeds, inspired by the archaeology of the Neolithic of Old Europe. An ancient Greek ship covered with vines, a bear, a lion, and dolphins, from the legend of the kidnap of Dionysos by pirates. Cosmic Man archetype A vision of three doves in a cityscape as an angel or seraph. A Pictish stone monument with a raven as Odin. The Python earth serpent of Greek myth with a temple of Apollo. The compassionate hands of the Chinese goddess Kuan Yin with a butterfly symbolizing the soul. An archetypal symbol of protection and nourishment.
Girl with a Red Fish

Girl With A Red Fish, 22" x 28" oils on masonite