paintings by William Fahey


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The Fool of the Tarot as Shiva Nataraja. The Egyptian god Anubis plays blues harmonica for the dead. A vision of time with a man passing through a tree, a crashing wave and the phases of a solar eclipse. A Coelacanth, an ancient almost mythological fish, a living fossil. A red deer symbolizing the Celtic god Cernunnos with a golden torc and horned-serpent finials. A symbol of the Winter Solstice, a reindeer whose antlers transform into an evergreen tree. A Buddhist shrine with an empty lotus-throne, a Tibetan lama and a Thai monk in prayer, a golden bodhi tree. A goose as the Greek goddess Nyx or Night from the Orphic creation myth flying at dawn. The Gallo-Roman bull deity Tarvos Trigaranos from the the Pillar of the Boatmen in Paris. A Mayan god bursting forth from a magnolia blossom symbolizing the immanence of the gods in nature. The sun in a summer sky orbited by white clouds plus a sunflower and a solar symbol. A raven under the sea retrieving a pearl. An interpretation of a Northwest Indian creation myth. An interpretation of the standing stones of the Okunev culture from the Bronze Age of southern Siberia. A riff on macrocosm versus microcosm, with pollen grains. A vision of creation and decay in the same moment. Nirvana in samsara.
Most recent painting

Ferment, 28" x 32" acrylics on canvas